About me

Ameneh Eslami

My father wanted me to become a doctor ,my mother wished how wonderful it would be if I were to become a lawyer and I knew that I have a vast passion for art. So I became an Artist. During all years of high school, I ranked as the top student and climbed the ladder of success so blissfully. I’ve always been an example of a triumphant girl. I had to move far and live independently, away from my family, in order to attend a university in Tehran. In order to study animation I passed the entrance exam for master of animation and I started graduate program at the University of Art in Tehran. I made my first animation film that was accepted by different international film festivals and it was honored by several organizations. It also was a financial success because I was able to sell it with a very good price to a well-known organization in Iran. Soon later, I was able to start my own little greeting card company and teach at a university while I was only 27.<br /> With my education in Graphic design and animation and also my background in art and psychology, and working experiences for more than 12 years, I have been exposed to a number of aspects of the art world. My experience as an art director at different Companies; demonstrates my capability of meeting the challenges presented to me. Also, my researches in creativity process as my master thesis have enhanced my passion to attain the ultimate of imagination and creativity and let them flourish in a real world and in my future career. I have made a very successful and creative sample of work in the different area of graphic design. As a multi-faceted designer, my core strength is my ability to envision creative ways to leverage ideas.<br />


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